Where the Mome Raths Outgrabe is my collection of YA book reviews and other quips about life. I use my own patented toadstool rating system, which you may notice is a little irregular. Why use an irregular rating system? Because everyone else doesn't. Which means that no one else does. And I like being different.

Because of overall life-busy-ness happening, I'm going to be reviewing a lot less frequently and a lot more irregularly.  I'm in nursing school right now and also working full time, so... that's why.  But I'm still here!

Any questions, inquiries, or whatever can be sent to my e-mail: momothemomerath@gmail.com

Who is Momo?

I'm Momo and I'm a Mome Rath.  Mome Raths can be shy, but aren't necessarily so.  We may exist, yet we may not.  No one's really sure about that.  We're working on it.  See What is a Mome Rath for further details on that.

I'm an avid reader living in the metro Detroit area.  I created this blog as a personal output for me to reflect on what I've read and other reading relating musings.  I also created this blog to meet other book lovers and Mome Raths.  As stated above, Mome Raths can be rather shy and have trouble meeting people as it requires leaving the house.  I really enjoy YA literature, from paranormal to urban fantasy to steampunk to John Green (he's his own genre), but science fiction is my current favorite (as broad as a genre as it is...).

What is a Mome Rath?

For those who don't recognize the term Mome Rath, it hails from the poem "Jabberwocky," which was in Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll. Mome Rath is a nonsense word, one of many in the poem. The purpose of this was so that the reader would come up with their own imagery while reading, but not set by the limits of established words. It was more of how the words felt as apposed to what they actually meant (which was nothing).

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