Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reviewing in a Sentence (#1)

So I’ve let my “to-review” pile get out of control again.  It’s not like this is new.  However, there are a couple books in it that a review is simply not going to happen.  I have nothing to really contribute or just not enough feelings about the book.  But I thought I should say something, and the result is this: the first in (hopefully) a series of one sentence reviews complete with a toadstool rating.  I’m going to pull five books out of the massive pile of “to-review,” dedicate a sentence to them, and send them on their way to my “done” bookshelf.  And the first group is:

For Darkness Shows the Stars

By Diana Peterfreund

A tender Jane Austen love story with mashed in bits of post apocalyptic science fiction -- how could it be bad?

Final Thought: 500 out of 525 toadstools

Across the Universe

By Beth Revis

I just… I don’t even know; this book was super.

Final Thought: 7 out of 8 toadstools


By Marie Lu

An intense and wonderful addition to the YA dystopian genre, Legend combines a great cast  of characters and a complex plot to form an exciting and unforgettable story.

Final Thought: 4 out of 5 toadstools

Of Triton

By Anna Banks


Final Thought: 6 out of 35 toadstools


Strands of Bronze and Gold

By Jane Nickerson

This one was highly anticipated for me and did not let me down, but did get a little slow and drawn out at times.

Final Thought: 16 out of 23 toadstools

Ahhh I feel so accomplished even though I didn't really do much.  So what do you think?  Want to make your own list of one sentence reviews to lower your pile?  Send me a link if you do your own!  Maybe this will become a monthly thing for me and whoever else needs to lighten their “to-review” stack.

Happy Reading,


  1. Boy, I totally know how you feel. I have been on a reading binge, and can't seem to find the time to write a detailed review either on some of these novels. Maybe I will jump on board with this idea. I will definitely think about it!

    PS. Love the one line reviews!

    Lily @ Bookluvrs Haven