Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bacon Cupcake

Locally in metro Detroit (Mome Raths can be from metro Detroit), this weekend is a sort-of-holiday called the Dream Cruise. Of course Detroit has a car holiday (it is the Motor City). The entire purpose of this day is for old guys to bust out their old cars they've been working on and cruise down Woodward Ave. (Michigan Hwy 1, basically Detroit's Main Street). That's it. Really.

Normally, I rather despise the Dream Cruise. I usually have to work and being as that is my primary route of transportation, it gives me a bit of a headache. It also just seems like a giant waste of gas. I planned on locking my doors, staying inside to avoid traffic and maybe coming out later just to walk over for a quick look.

Bacon Cupcake Goodness
However, I had to run a couple of errands. The traffic is only going to get worse, so the hubby (Mome Raths can be married, he's a Tea Cup) and I ran out at about 11 am. Downtown Royal Oak seemed rather untouched by the business on Woodward (only a street away) and I got through my errand quickly. Strolling back to my car slowly to use up the extra time on my meter, I passed my favorite cupcake store, Taste Love Cupcakes. Their sign today had a car drawn on it and stated "Welcome Cruisers! Our specials today are Bacon and French Toast and something else that I didn't bother to read!" Wait. Hold the frickin' phone. Did you say bacon cupcake? I was so...confused?  The hubby and I shared a quick glance, walked in and bought four; one for each of us and our roommies.

So, maybe (just maybe) the Dream Cruise isn't ALL bad. Cool specials going on around town is kind of nice. There's also a little carnival going on for it. I also believe the demise of the Dream Cruise is inevitable; my generation doesn't seem to keen on keeping it going. It will probably die out within my lifetime, especially since Detroit is attempting to expand it's enterprise outside of just cars, inviting new and varied types of people. People who probably would see this holiday as almost barbaric.

Final Thought: Dream Cruise gets 3 out of 10 toadstools
                          Bacon Cupcake gets 3 out of 2 toadstools

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